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American Panel Hearth Products

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American Panel Black Onyx Hearth Pad - APHP-BO
$389.68 - $700.64
American Panel Carmel Hearth Pad - APHP-CM
$414.19 - $758.70
American Panel Chinese Jade Hearth Pad - APHP-CJ
$371.61 - $669.67
American Panel Cobblestone Hearth Pad - APHP-C
$414.19 - $758.70
American Panel Desert Storm Hearth Pad - APHP-DS
$425.81 - $814.19
American Panel Idaho Diamond Hearth Pad - APHP-ID
$398.71 - $748.38
American Panel Indian Silver Slate Hearth Pad - APHP-ISS
$432.26 - $797.42
American Panel Montana Flagstone Hearth Pad - APHP-M
$501.94 - $774.19
American Panel Rustic Quartz Hearth Pad - APHP-R
$501.94 - $774.19
American Panel Santa Fe Beige Hearth Pad - APHP-B
$396.13 - $669.67
American Panel Tartara Hearth Pad - APHP-TAR
$420.65 - $778.06
American Panel Terracotta Hearth Pad - APHP-T
$396.13 - $685.16
The company American Panel Inc. was taken over by Hestia Inc. in the year 2007 and the core company was renamed as the brand American Panel Hearth Products. Today, the company has its main facilities situated at Grand Haven, Michigan. The brand has always evolved every year to show more innovation with its product lines and features options. Recently, in 2014, The Company introduced a new product - the Modular Heart Protection System. This is a patent pending, revolutionary product which is regarded as the future of modern hearth pads and also won the Vesta Award (2014) for the category of Innovation in Hearth Products.

Other products offered by American Panel Hearth:

Modular Hearth pads

Innovative products to provide superior quality hearth protection – the Modular hearth pads are constructed using individual tiles that join in a unique locking mechanism. These tile panels are made up of high quality non-combustible material. They are available in different sizes – 12” high x24” wide, length 36” or 48” and 3/8” thickness. You can build unique pads with different combination of tile panels to customize for your fireplace. This product is also ideal for outside fire pits and deck protection for outdoor grills.

Traditional Hearth Pads

American Panel Hearth products provide traditional hearth pad options in material choices of high quality ceramics and stone.  Each unit claims an expert finish and a high quality manufacturing process for the maximum longevity. Each unit goes through a rigorous quality check to meet all government stated safety standards for hearth pads.

 Wall Pads

The wall pads are made up of fully non-combustible materials and can be complimented with all sizes of floor pads of the Original series or Colonial edge series.