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Breckwell Hearth Products

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Breckwell Hearth Products Monticello Non-Electric Gravity Fed Pellet Stove - SPG9000
Breckwell Hearth Products SF747 Wood / Coal Furnace - SF747
Breckwell Hearth Products SP Heartland Multi-Fuel Black Stove - SP6000
Breckwell Hearth Products SP1002 Big E II Pellet Stove - SP1002
$2,789.00 - $2,944.00
Breckwell Hearth Products SP8500 Muti-Fuel Stove - SP8500
Breckwell Hearth Products SW2100 Wood Stove - SW2100
$1,609.00 - $1,987.81
Breckwell Hearth Products SW3100 The Mahogany Wood Stove - SW3100
$1,909.00 - $2,287.81
Breckwell Hearth Products SW3100I The Mahogany Wood Stove Insert - SW3100I
$1,959.00 - $2,248.00
Breckwell Hearth Products SW4100 Wood Stove - SW4100
$2,069.00 - $2,447.81
Breckwell Hearth Products SW740 Wood Stove - SW740
Breckwell Hearth Products SW740I Wood Stove Insert - SW740I
Breckwell Hearth Products SW940 Wood Stove - SW940
Breckwell Hearth Products SW940I Wood Stove Insert - SW940I
Breckwell P1000 Big E Pellet Home Heater - SP1000PWA
$2,629.00 - $2,784.00
Breckwell P1000 Big E Pellet Stove - SP1000
$2,629.00 - $2,784.00
Breckwell P1000 Big E Pellet Utility Furnace - SP1000PB
$2,629.00 - $2,988.13
Breckwell P2000 Tahoe Deluxe Brushed Nickel Pellet Stove - SP2000PDBN
$3,589.00 - $3,955.65
Breckwell P2000 The Tahoe Deluxe Freestanding Pellet Stove - SP2000PD
$3,589.00 - $3,955.65
Breckwell P2000 The Tahoe Standard Freestanding Pellet Stove SP2000PS
$3,589.00 - $3,947.76
Breckwell P2000I Deluxe Pellet Stove Insert / Nickel Door - SP2000IDBN
$3,824.49 - $4,467.03
Breckwell P2000I Standard Black w/ G Trim Pellet Stove Insert SP2000IS
$3,774.49 - $4,417.03
Breckwell P2000I Tahoe Deluxe Pellet Stove Insert / Gold Door SP2000ID
$3,824.49 - $4,344.97
Breckwell P22 The Maverick Basic Freestanding Pellet Stove - SP22PB
$2,864.31 - $3,739.83
Breckwell P22 The Maverick Deluxe Brushed Nickel Pellet Stove SP22PDBN
$2,864.31 - $3,736.28
Breckwell P22 The Maverick Deluxe Freestanding Pellet Stove - SP22PD
$2,864.31 - $3,736.28
Breckwell P23 Standard Black w/G Trim Freestanding Pellet Stove SP23PS
$3,077.58 - $3,660.30
Breckwell P23 The Sonora Basic Freestanding Pellet Stove - SP23PB
$3,084.49 - $3,814.92
Breckwell P23 The Sonora Deluxe Brushed Nickel Pellet Stove - SP23PDBN
$3,084.49 - $3,814.92
Breckwell P23 The Sonora Deluxe Freestanding Pellet Stove - SP23PD
$3,077.58 - $3,660.30
Breckwell P23I Deluxe Brushed Nickel Pellet Stove Insert - SP23IDBN
$2,985.19 - $3,539.43
Breckwell Hearth Products started their regular industry production in 1987, since then Breckwell has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in America. Today the company continues to produce different heating solutions for homes and commercial uses and it is the oldest provider of ‘Made in America’ stoves and furnace units.

Breckwell Heart Products offers the following popular products:

Pellet Stoves

The most popular units under the pellet stoves product line of the company will have to be the Big series, with SP1000 Big E leading the charge. It is easy to operate and easier to maintain making it ideal for most small to medium sized homes looking for a value–wise product. The Blazer series under the Pellet stoves line is a close second favorite. The units are extremely stylish with a graceful line of curves for the exterior and an arched door made of glass for an unobstructed view of the flames, the Blazer stoves become an instant focal point in most room decors.

Wood Stoves

The SW series of Wood stoves from Breckwell Hearth Products offer the most comprehensive line of features for almost every home heating need. It is also one of the most efficient and classically designed lines of stoves. It can be accommodated to new and old architecture plans just as conveniently. The SW180 line comes in two different product options – a freestanding version and an insert. Both have the same classic style of design but the inserts can be accommodated in to homes with existing chimneys or masonry fireplace structures.